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Youth work is a broad term covering a wide variety of activities of a social, cultural, educational,environmental and/or political nature by, with and for young people, in groups or individually.



Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training,  discussion and …



The systematic approach towards the improvement of young people’s status, which we advocate actively withing different partnerships on different levels in BiH, is the only right …


Bee Zone

In the time when majority of young people cannot find a job related to their profession, many of them find the solution in self employment through start-up businesses,…

L A T E S T  N E W S

20 Years of Center for Youth Education

We celebrate 20 years of successful work on creating healthy and safe environment for children and youth, the environment where they have a chance to build their personalities, be accepted and respected and reach their full potential.

Travnik Night Run:

Travnik Night Run 2019 exceeded the results of all the previous runs with 1036 registered contestants on the night run and 400 children on the kids’ fun run. Apart from Bosnian-Herzegovinians, there were contestants from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Czechia, Algeria, Great Britain and the United States, 864 of them finishing Travnik five-kilometre-long run.

Sustainable Development Goals

On the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development, organized on September 25th, 2015, the states within United Nations  adopted the Program of Sustainable Development until 2030, which contains 17 sustainable development goals aimed to poverty eradication, fighting inequality and injustice and climate changes mitigation.

To contribute the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals is not the obligation of the UN states but all of us also, no matter how small the contribution is. Having that in mind, we incorporated all of the sustainable development goals in our programs and commited ourselves to promote them among young people particularly.


Travelling is part of human life and all of us move from one place to another for some reasons. Travelling gives the experiences and skills which will be beneficial..
University course “Leadership and Developmental Community Youth Work” is designed as an educational program for the people …
Our efforts towards creating healthy and safe environment for all the children and youth include networking with other organizations which work …
Through our fun, engaging and stress-free lessons filled with music, games and a wide variety of carefully planned activities, children learn English …
On April 4, 2018, BeeZone Business Incubator was opened at the premises of the Center for Youth Education – CEM in Travnik…
Since a lot of free time at home can be boring for all of us during Covid-19 pandemic, especially for young people who have a lot of energy, we designed …
Older Brother/Older Sister is a mentoring project that connects a volunteer in the role of older brother/older sister and a child as a younger …
In the previous cycle of CEM Youth Fund we offered a completely new dimension of activism to the young people. We motivated them to …
Park of Creativity is a kind of an open forum, where we give young people a chance to hang out with young and successful people, …
The main goal of the project is to stimulate and strengthen the young people from the 11 municipalities of the Central Bosnia region to be tolerant …
In September 2016 we organized the first night run in Travnik and the first one in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, a unique one in the whole country …
Freshman Guide is our new program, we created in the time of Covid-19 pandemic, to offer young people activities …


CEM is one big opportunity for me. The opportunity to educate myself, the opportunity to make friends, the opportunity to travel, the opportunity to hear the various life stories of successful and accomplished people, the opportunity to express my opinions, the opportunity to participate in major projects such as "Travink Night Race", the opportunity to freely I spend time in a healthy environment, an opportunity to work with excellent youth workers, an opportunity to implement my ideas, an opportunity to have fun, an opportunity to accept and be accepted. CEM is my second home, my second family, my springboard and preparation for the adult world.

Naida Aličehić

Four years I have been part of a large family called the Youth Education Center. My CEM family has provided me with many beautiful things and experiences and most importantly they have given me a sense of belonging to a special group of people with whom I will remain friends for my entire life.

Ana Eldić

Everything I thought I couldn't do, CEM did differently, contrasted with my weakness, I became strong enough to cope with the biggest problem of today, to deal with the primitivism of my environment and to pass it on to other generations, who will recognize the same problem and shape it into a value of everyday life that can be used by both young and old, and thus be proud of what they have.

Hana Mulaimović




Together for women and girls – every 25th” is our community action campaign to promote the rights of girls and women and to end gender-based violence, by preventing alcohol violence.